Jess and Chris | Married | Poet's Cove

There’s always that moment as a wedding photographer, as you walk up to meet a client for the first time. A thousand questions are running through your head. Wondering what the couple is like, how they met, what they are looking for. I met Chris and Jess last year, and since then, through engagement photo sessions and planning meeting and countless idea swapping sessions for our wedding with Jess, I came to the realization as I rode the ferry from the lower mainland to Pender Island, that this wedding I was shooting was not just for clients, but for friends. That realization, coupled with the joy of being asked to come back to Poet’s Cove, made this weekend one for the books. I once described Poet’s Cove as a deep place on the earth. This isn’t in relation to its physical proximity to well; anything. Rather it describes the feeling it induces in its guests. Much like Jess and Chris are much more to us than strangers, Poet’s Cove made us feel as welcome and comfortable as if it were our home. It is a place that I can imagine, quite easily inspires the Poet’s that give it its name. What an unbelievable wedding, and a couple we are fortunate enough to have met and been blessed with the opportunity to be there for their big day.
Jess and Chris, thank you. It was a journey, and we are happy to know it didn’t end after your wedding day, but created friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you, and best wishes!

– Andrew and Emily

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