Maxwell Maydaniuk

I have spent the last half an hour attempting to type this. I write a few lines, rewrite them, delete them. And start all over. And I am afraid, as cliche as it sounds, there really are no words to describe how amazing today has been. Chris was the best man at my wedding, and has been as close to me as family for my entire adult life. When he and Obe approached me about being the godfather for their – then – soon to be son, I was speechless. Those that know me realize how rare of an occurrence this is, and will attach the appropriate significance to any situation that renders me mute. I was honoured, and was incredibly thankful for the chance to be there today to hold Max. As I was sitting in the chair, Obe drifted off for some much needed sleep, and Chris lay back, the coffee I had brought him obviously having no effect on his weariness. I sat there for over an hour, listening to the breathing of this little miracle.

Its not often I post personal things on this site, but it was truly a pleasure to be able to grab a few quick snaps of Max. While I, and many others, potentially lost money on the betting pool in regards to his hair colour, the nurse informed me that babies hair colour can change, so our hope for a ginger baby is still alive and well.
Congratulations Obe and Chris. You two will make wonderful parents, and thank you for allowing me to be there.


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