Drew and Nicole | Married

I remember sitting on a beach in the Philippines with Drew, many years ago,and he said then, over the sounds of music and the warm winds blowing off the ocean “Andrew, I am going to marry Nicole one day. And I want you to be there to take the photos” I promised him I would. We laughed then, as I was just an automotive photographer, talk of shooting a wedding was as tangible as those same winds that kept us up to watch the sunrise. We gave our San Miguel beers a cheers and the conversation turned to more immediate concerns. Like where we were going to eat, and what. As I slung my cameras into place on the wedding day, clicking lenses and checking / rechecking cards and straps, much like I imagine a soldier rechecks his gear, finding that place inside where stillness exists. I couldn’t help but remember that night, half way across the world, and a promise made what seems a lifetime ago. I admit I was nervous, for the first time in a very long time.
Congratulations Drew and Nicole. you two are amazing together, and it was not just a pleasure, but also incredibly humbling, to be a part of your day.


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