Greg & Noeleane | Married | Harper Mountain

There is a curious strength of character to the people that choose to live within the mountains. These people form the solid foundations that lifelong friendships, loves, and family are built on. All it takes it a moment spent in silence, watching the type of people they surround themselves with. These people are passionate in every aspect of their lives, and that love exuded from every person at this wedding as vibrant as the sunset outside the ski lodge. I met Greg on the rock, tied at the hip a friendship formed that no matter the distance, or the time spent apart, that feels as strong and permanent as the crags we love to climb. Noeleane and Greg, your wedding was a fairytale day spent with the people closest to you. It was an honour and privilege to not just attend your wedding as the photographer, but as a friend.
Climb On!

Hair: Sandy Siebel
Makeup: Lucy’s Makeup Artistry

Venue: Harper Mountain


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