Cody & Tiana | Married | Scotch Creek

As we got into the car I glanced across at Cody, checking, as is the wedding photographers prerogative, for signs of nerves. Ready with a distracting story to help calm the groom I was surprised when he, having done the same check, said quietly “Doing alright Andrew?” Thats the type of guy Cody is. On his wedding day, his beautiful wife pregnant with their soon to arrive daughter, he still had the presence of mind to make sure everyone around him was doing ok. I replied, trying to keep the shock out of my voice “Yeah, stressed, but good” he laughed “Me too man” and we drove in companionable silence to do a quick photo session with Tiana. Cody and Tiana became more than clients long ago, with countless phone calls and messages making us feel as close to this wedding as family. And I admit, when Tiana stepped through those doors into the ceremony site and I spun to catch Cody’s reaction, there was a lump in my throat the size of an apple. An amazing day surrounded by passionate people, Cody and Tianas wedding was one I will never forget, and we are blessed that we not only got to spend their day with them, but have gained two incredible friends as well. Cheers Cody and Tiana. You are going to make incredible parents.


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