Joseph & Anne-Sophie | Married | Sooke

As I have so often before I found myself standing at the front of a wedding ceremony, the weight of my cameras hanging from a shoulder, and gripped loosely, ready to be brought up when the groom starts walking down the aisle. The weight was comforting, and on a day when my heart should have been beating out of my chest, I was calm. Today Joseph North will marry the love of his life, and I could not be more honoured, or humbled to have been asked to take a few images for them. As I watched Joe approach with his mother down the stairs, my mind raced back over decades of memories together. From the beginnings of high school, to learning how to drive, to countless adventures through the best of times and the worst of times. Joe had always been there, I realized. Whether we were together or continents apart I cannot remember a time when we weren’t connected.
And as he began his walk down the aisle, my cameras came up and the world shrank to the moments between seconds that make up a photographers vision. Joseph looked down the aisle and saw his beautiful bride to be walking towards him, I smiled and quietly moved to the side, watching as he joined together with his best friend in one of the most incredible ceremonies I have ever seen.
Thank you Joe and Anne-Sophie. Any words I can type or say are insufficient to describe how humbled I am that you asked me to be a part of your wedding. I never had a brother growing up, and since Joe had stepped into that role years ago, I suppose this is what it feels like to gain a sister.
I love you both. Thank you, and Congratulations


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