Tyler & Haley | Married | Kamloops

 There are people we meet along the path of life, whether through our own experiences, school, work, travel. Or through the association with others, friends, co-workers and relatives. Some of these people we keep in our lives, afraid that if we let go they will drift away. Some, we left drift, not out of a lack of caring, but out of the understanding that paths converge and diverge, and if we are meant to share time with someone, then that time will be shared. Other people we fall apart from, lose contact and those shared moments become memories.


There are a few rare people that we meet that don’t quite follow these common examples of friendship. People that once they have entered your life. No matter the distance or time that separates you, the bonds of friendship are as strong as ever. The type of people that join you on your path, and add to it in every way imaginable.  Tyler and Haley are two of these people. Their kindness and selflessness are mirrored in each other to the point where you only have to get to know them for a short time to see why they are perfect for each other.
I have known Tyler for the majority of my adult life, and Haley became more than a handshake and ‘hello’  quickly, becoming a great friend.  I am truly honoured to have been asked to have been a part of their wedding.
Haley and Tyler, from all of us at Andrew Snucins Photography. Thank you for having us at your special day.

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