Greg and Aimee | Married

I admit I was nervous at this one, or I should say: I was nervous up to the wedding. Greg is one of my oldest friends, more of a brother really. I can’t remember a time before Greg, he has just always been there with me.  His whole family is  dear to me, from Blaine and Billy, to his parents that had a huge part in raising me.

I met Aimee, crazy, adorable Aimee, in Ft. St John. She became so enamoured with my photographic partner in crime Pat Valade of when she met him at Karen and Samuels wedding that she invited us to her wedding, even before Greg had proposed (I think she was really just inviting Pat, but I tagged along!)

This gallery is just a small sampling of photos from the multi day project that was Greg and Aimee’s wedding. We not only doubled the amount of images we usually take at a wedding, we tripled it. There was so much going on, so much laughter and love that the day flew by and left us exhausted as if we had been shooting for a week. I can’t say enough about these two. Aimee is one of the most genuinely funny and kind people I have ever met, and Greg has somehow managed to turn into a pretty delightful fellow himself.

Thank you from the team at ASPhotography, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your big day.  We will probably add to the sample gallery given time, there is literally just to many images to sort through to pick favourites. The wedding formals (alpine meadow shots) were done in the Duffy Lake corridor, thanks to Scott, an incredible pilot from Blackcomb Aviation. The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the grooms family cabin on Seaton Lake, by Lillooet BC.


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