Olivia Lightfoot

In my years of photography, my hands have never shaken as badly as they did as I pulled a flash and diffuser dome from my camera bag today. I thought to myself “will the flash hurt her eyes? Should I bounce it? Yeah, Ill bounce it, not diffuse it, ok, maybe….is that even better? What lens should I….if only I’d brought my….” I had never thought holding a baby in my arms would be such an amazing experience, but I was blessed today to be allowed in with my dear friends Ramsey and Taqueesha Lightfoot to meet their gorgeous baby girl Olivia. She wasn’t a small baby! At 11lbs 12 ounces she certainly had a head-start on the growing stages. I only took a few photos as I had just spent the better part of an hour holding her and chatting with her exhausted mother and tired but elated father. I admit, out of the thousands upon tens of thousands of frames I have snapped over the years, I have never felt more pride, or joy, at creating a photo.



.Welcome to the world Olivia Lightfoot.


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